Everyone in this world loves Ice-Cream. There is no way that you would say no to Ice-cream unless you have some good reason to refuse. You want to keep a family pack in your home always, but do you know how long does ice cream lasts in the freezer? Ice cream in a freezer can last up to 2-3 months (unopened) and 1-2 month (opened) beyond the expiry date printed on the pack.

Ice Cream Shelf-Life:

Ice Cream (unopened) 2 to 3 Months
Ice Cream (opened)1 to 2 Months
Sherbert (unopened)3 to 4 Months
Sherbert (opened)2 to 3 Months

Does ice cream go bad?


Does ice cream go bad? Of course, it does! Like any other food product, ice cream has its own shelf life. Your favorite tub of Black Current Ice-cream when unopened can last up to 3 months.

An opened tub of ice cream can last up to 1 month, but after 3 weeks, the flavor starts to go down as the freezer burn starts to get into it. The bacterial growth is slowed but it still grows2

How to tell if ice cream has gone bad?

The first signs are those tiny crystals that form on top of the ice cream. Although, it is safe to eat freezer burn ice cream for some time after that the Ice Cream turns into an icy mess that might make you sick.  

Can ice cream makes you sick?

Ice cream that has gone bad can make you sick, very sick! Ice cream which has been kept in the freezer for more than 3 months might make you sick because the bacteria have grown all over the ice cream by now. Another question is how long ice cream last in a manual defrosting freezer does? Without opening the can, it would last for 3 months and after opening not more than a month.

Food safety tips when buying ice cream:

In Ice cream packs, there is no use-by date or sell-by date; it has only the best before date, so the ice cream can be safely eaten for some time even after its best before date. 

How to properly store ice cream?

When buying ice cream from a grocer, make sure that the grocer’s freezer is set to a 0 degree Celsius or even less. At home, do not take your ice cream out of your freezer regularly. The frequency should be low and keep it at 0 degrees. Store the ice cream inside the freezer and not at the freezer door, where cooling is less.


Ice cream is a delicacy which is loved by all; even our dogs and cats crave for ice cream. Ice cream releases endorphin (feel-good hormones). You don’t want your ice cream to taste bad or average, you want it just perfect! So to keep it perfectly, it is suggested to follow all the above instructions. It’s best to enjoy them before the expiry date. 


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  1. Thanks for explaining the difference between an expiration date and the best before date. I’m interested in looking for a good place where I could buy ice cream because I’m trying to have more sweets readily available in my home. I might need them in case I need a sugar rush because I’m trying to lessen my caffeine intake.

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