The Heavy or thick part of the milk, gathers at the top that constitutes the 36%-40% of the milk. The heavy whipping cream lasts longer than any other dairy product. You can make delicious delicacies like Caramelized Cream Egg, Creamy baked eggs, and use it almost any sweet item. The shelf life of the Heavy cream depends upon various factors like the processing method, the exposure, and also the packaging date.

 Refrigerator (Past Expiry Date)Freezer (Past Expiry Date)
Unopened Heavy Cream2 to 3 Weeks3 to 4 Months
Opened Heavy Cream5 to 7 Days4 Months

How to tell if heavy cream has gone bad?

There is no straight-jacket formula to tell if the cream has gone bad or not, but the best way to tell is by smell because it develops a sour smell. When heavy cream is poured into coffee and circles begin to form in the coffee, then you can tell the cream is going bad.


How long does heavy cream last at room temperature? It only lasts for 2 hours and in summers it lasts for about one hour.

What makes cream go bad?

The cream which has gone sour will start to taste bad and although you can still use it for some time, it is not recommended using. Even though the sourness might not cause diseases, it means that the fungi and bacteria are increasing. This could be bad for your health.

For food safety, you must also be concerned that the bacteria and fungi growing in the cream could make you sick. Even a few bacteria that weren’t killed by pasteurization can multiply over time in the cream. Even though when the cream is fresh at that time, in time the number of the bacteria can multiply and will make you sick.

How to properly store heavy cream?

How long does heavy cream last in the fridge after the sell-by date? Inside the fridge, it lasts for 2-3 weeks but in a freezer, it can last till 2-3 months. How long does unopened heavy cream last? It can last for 2-3 weeks even after the expiry date given that it was continuously refrigerated. 

Can you freeze heavy cream?

Can heavy cream be frozen? Of course, you can, this thing is made for freezing! It can be frozen for 2-3 months inside the freezing compartment of the fridge. The heavy cream starts to separate once it is thawed. The heavy cream can be stored in a jug or any container, just keep some space open for the cream to expand.


Heavy cream is the heaviest part of the cream, as the name suggests. It also lasts the longest due to its properties. Bacteria and fungi start to form at a very later stage. You can use the heavy to cream an amazing cold coffee or even spread it over some hot coffee, whatever suits you. As long as it smells fine, you’re good to go!



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  2. heavy cream tend to ‘keep’ better than milk.

    it could be due to the high fat content which helps keep cream from going bad shortly after opening, but usually the one found in groceries last longer due to it being Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) processed. UHT heavy cream is pasteurized, which makes it particularly stable.

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