In today’s world, there are various types of Hair Dyes available in the market. You can have your hair colored into blue, red, green, purple, you just name the color! Changing hair color is as easy as changing the color of your nails.


The question is, how long hair dyes last. There are many options available in the market, but like all good things, the color of the dye goes away, eventually.

What are the different types of hair dyes?

There are 4 types of hair dyes available in the market:

  1. Permanent – Permanent hair colors stay longer in your hair for the longest, but they also damage your hairs the most. Many types of chemicals are strong, and the mixture is left for a long time before the dye is complete.
  2. Demi-Permanent – These hair dyes do not penetrate the hair cuticle and use only a low-level developer. These are a mixture of big pigment colors. 
  3. Semi-Permanent – These types of hair dye do not require an activating agent. This type of dye gives the illusion of hair color, and they last for about 8-15 times of shampoo. 
  4. Temporary – These are wash out hair dye. These types of hair dyes will last for a day to a week. 

What factors determine how long hair dye last?

Hair color

Your hair color is important. If you are coloring black in your brown hairs, then it will last longer. But if you’re trying to color blue in your blonde hair, then it won’t last long. Black hair dye will last longer in black hair.

Condition of hair pre-dye

It’s simple if your hair is strong, then your color will last longer.  


Proper hair care is important to maintain the color. You need to use high PH value shampoo and conditioner to maintain the hair color. It is also recommended to not use heat styling often cause it breaks down the molecules of the dye. 

Which lasts longer?

Home-colored hair

Home-colored hair is fine if you want to save money. At home, you can use temporary hair color which can be used from time to time. Home-colored hair does not stay for a long time, but they are cheap. You can use a natural dye like Henna hair color.

Salon-colored hair

In a Salon, an expert checks your hair and recommends the best hair color for you, and their hair coloring process are much better and they last longer. 

How to make hair dye color last longer?

How to make the hair dye color last longer in a box? Keep the dye in an airtight container and don’t take it out often. Always keep it dry.


The type of color you need for your hair depends upon you. The four types of colors you have to choose from that determine how long the color will last. It is also important to maintain the color of your hair with good hair care. 



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