Nicotine craze is common among adults, the aged, and even youngsters. Most smokers may feel the same kind of “nicotine buzz”.

However, how long the nicotine buzz lasts will vary from one individual to another. This is because different smokers use different smoking practices.

To learn more about how long does a nicotine buzz last, just read on.

What is a nicotine buzz or Juul buzz?

After caffeine, nicotine is the most common psychoactive drug globally. A nicotine buzz refers to the “high” that kicks in because of the drug.

On the other hand, Juul is a kind of e-cigarette that has recently become immensely popular among young adults. And the “high” you get from vaping Juul is known as Juul buzz or nicotine Juul buzz.

How long does a nicotine buzz last?

The answer to this question is quite tricky. In general, after the nicotine buzz has kicked in, the “high” will start fading pretty quickly.

However, if you’ve vaped or smoked a great deal to experience a stronger buzz, the nicotine buzz may last for about thirty minutes or more.

How a nicotine buzz feels?

Most common feelings associated with a nicotine buzz are as follows:

  • Energetic
  • Calming
  • Dizziness
  • Relaxation 
  • Increased concentration
  • Head rush

However, note that the feelings of nicotine buzz may differ depending upon the quantity of nicotine you inhale. Larger doses of nicotine can offer a sedative effect, while smaller nicotine quantities usually act as mild stimulants.

Hence, the nicotine buzz from dip, black and mild or cigarettes will also vary.

How to get the nicotine buzz back?

If you become a regular nicotine consumer, you may develop a higher level of tolerance for the drug. Hence, with regular nicotine use, you may lose the ability to feel the “nicotine buzz”.

However, if you still wish to get the nicotine buzz back, you can! But the only way to get back the buzz is to withdraw from using nicotine until the nicotine receptors in your body become empty again.

Most experienced nicotine users also claim that they feel a more effective nicotine buzz after a night’s gap. This is why several nicotine users consider their “morning cigarettes” as the best!

How to beat craving of nicotine buzz?

Regular use of nicotine may make your body dependent on the drug. And you may crave the nicotine buzz from time and again.

If you’ve been a devoted nicotine user, beating the cravings for nicotine may seem quite difficult, but it is not impossible!

Try some breathing exercises to ease your body. You may also try to divert your mind from the craving and keep yourself busy during the day.

You can go for walks, spend time with your friends, or even opt for medical help if at all the cravings become too much for you.

In the end

Nicotine buzz may make you feel better for the moment or the day! But remember, you’re not just here for the day!

Consider the several health hazards associated with the regular use of nicotine before you lose yourself in a nicotine “high”. Try to keep your nicotine consumption under control. Or even better, beat it!



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