Are you planning to go to xname concerts and wondering how long they will last? The length of a concert depends on various factors, but you can expect a typical concert to last for two to three hours.


It’s ideal to know how long the concert that you are attending is going to last as you can make plans accordingly. Read on to know about the approximate time for different types of concerts.

How long do concerts last based on music genre?

Rock Concerts 

Rock concerts are usually longer lasting than the other genres. A famous rock concert like the Kiss concerts can last for about three hours; although it depends on how many other bands are playing and the number of songs they will perform.

Rap Concerts

It is usually expected of a rap concert to feature several artists and DJs. The MC also plays a vital role in the concert’s duration as they control and run the show.1 Rap concerts approximately last for up to three hours.

Jazz Concerts

A jazz concert’s atmosphere is more relaxing and might be slower than a rock or rap concert. The average concert time for jazz concerts is about two hours. 

However, it may last longer if there are other bands and artists included in the show.

Classical Concerts

When it comes to attending concerts, you might be sitting for a total of around two hours. Operas and classical pieces take a longer time from the start to end. 

One factor affecting the actual concert time is whether the pianist or the orchestra plays the pieces. 

Festival Concerts 

The longest among these concerts are festival concerts that can last for several hours or even days. You can expect to see several opening acts lasting from 45 minutes to almost two hours.

Today, the main act in a festival concert will averagely last for more than two hours.

Korean Concerts

Korean Concerts durations aren’t much different from other concerts; they last for two to three hours. K-pop bands give some of the most unforgettable performances, and their concerts last for a reasonable amount of time.

What determines how long a concert will last?

Band Popularity

One criterion that determines the span of a concert is how popular the artist or the band is. If you are going to the show of a well-established artist who has sold huge records, it may likely last for even up to four hours!


Where the concert takes place is also a factor that decides its duration. A concert that happens in a concert hall may last up to two and a half hours.

On the other hand, small venue concerts will usually last for an hour. If it’s a big outdoor concert, you can expect the artists to perform for up to three hours.

Set List

Also known as the blueprint, the set list for a performance can determine how long the concert will be. However, many bands are known to change a few songs due to different reasons.


Artists like Guns N’ Roses have longer songs, while the Ramones enjoy writing short songs. The length of a concert also depends on the number and the length of the songs.


Pop music artists, or even others, are known to split their set list and put in acts. This can extend a concert’s duration. 


Concerts of famous artists often last longer than anticipated when they play encores.

Tips when going to a concert:

Here are some tips for you to have the ultimate experience the next time you go to a concert-

  • Use public transit to get to the venue.
  • Get ready with your concert outfit.
  • Clean your phone space to capture all your favorite moments.
  • Keep updates on the latest albums of the artists.


So how long do concerts last? Typically about two to three hours.

The main deciding factors are the opening artist, performing artist, the genre, and so on. Hopefully, you will now know how long an upcoming concert will last and what to expect.



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