Tofu is a dairy product that is made of condensed soy milk that is made into solid white blocks. Tofu is said to be originated from China almost 2000 years ago when someone mistakenly mixed soy milk with nigari.


Tofu is used in many meat substitutes. People who prefer to eat vegetarian food can use tofu in place of chicken, meat, or fish.

Cooked Tofu 4 to 5 Days
Unopened Tofu5 to 7 Days4 to 6 Months
Opened Tofu3 to 5 Days3 to 4 Months

What are the health benefits of tofu?

Tofu, a unique dairy product that has all the nine essential amino acids present in it, and it is also a good source of protein. It is 100% gluten-free and is considered to be a good source of calcium and iron. This serves the purpose of protein for the vegans and vegetarians.

How to tell if tofu has gone bad?

Tofu is great, but how long does tofu last after being opened? It lasts for 3-5 days after being opened. If the tofu has turned yellow and has molded-in it, then the tofu has gone bad. Cooked tofu can also last for 3-4 days.

How to properly store tofu to extend its shelf-life?

There are various ways to store tofu. One of them is to store tofu with freshwater kept in an airtight container. The water needs to be changed every day to avoid the tofu getting stale. It prevents the tofu from getting molds. It is also beneficial to use distilled water to ensure the tofu remains bacteria-free. 

 Can you freeze tofu?

Can you freeze tofu? It can be frozen easily. How to store to tofu? First is to take the tofu out of the freshwater and cut it into square or rectangle pieces and wrap each slice with plastic and put it in the freezer. The reason behind storing them separately is to use each piece individually without unwrapping the other slices. The frozen tofu can last up to another three months. The tofu stays in the best condition inside the freezer only if 0oC is maintained indefinitely.

What are the dangers of eating spoiled tofu?

The tofu is at microbial degradation. If a person consumes this spoilt tofu, he or she is at high risk of having digestive issues and in some cases, food poisoning is possible. It is best to check the color of the tofu and smell it before consuming it after the best by date is passed.  


Like any other food product, tofu also goes bad but with proper safeguards and methods tofu can be preserved for a long time. Tofu is an absolute product for people looking to lose weight. It serves the purpose of providing protein without gaining weight. It is best to eat tofu when it is still fresh because eating frozen tofu isn’t bad but you won’t reap the benefits of fresh tofu. 



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