If you are one of those person who love to eat sushi, then your appetite lets you eat handful number of sushi only. You have leftover sushi from Dinner, the question is “how long does Sushi last”? Can you savor it for the next day? Sushi is made up of fish and wasabi, which do not last long if kept in the open.

What is sushi?


When you hear the word sushi, only one thing come to our mind, JAPAN! It is the traditional dish of Japanese people were different types of vegetables, meat and seafood, typically raw fish are wrapped with rice.

It is loved by all of Japan and is considered one of the exquisite dishes of Japan.  Sushi is sold in with variations all over Japan and other parts of the world.

How to tell if sushi has gone bad?

It is okay to store cooked sushi for 24 hours after it is made. Unrefrigerated Sushi can go bad in a few hours. You can store it in your fridge. What happens after 24 hours? First thing to check is the smell. If it smells even a little pungent or something seems off, throw it away ASAP! Check the color, if the color is different from the time you stored it, throw it. If mold has formed over the sushi or some slime, throw it immediately.

How to properly store sushi?

Sushi should be stored and wrapped tightly in an airtight container. It is important to check that before wrapping the sushi in the plastic, there is no excess water on the rolls, because this will cause bacterial growth. Last is to make sure that your refrigerator’s temperature is set to 5oC or less so that no kind of warmth can creep inside the airtight wrapping.

Can you freeze a sushi?

The seafood used in Sushi are already frozen before used in the sushi. The seafood won’t go bad if frozen, but the rice and wrapping will become dry and look unappetizing. You can still eat it, but it won’t taste the same when they were fresh. Sushi when kept in a fridge can last up to 24 hours but if it’s kept in a freezer it can last for three months.

Can sushi makes you sick?

Sushi can make you sick if It’s gone bad, and it can make you very, very sick! If you eat your leftover sushi, and you feel that the flavor is down, do not gulp it down! It is best to throw away leftover sushi which was in the fridge for more than 24 hrs.


Sushi is good for your health. The ingredients used in sushi are mostly raw, and they are mostly still in their natural form. Not much of cooking needs to be done for making sushi, just the right ingredients put together. Final word, eat your sushi fresh and if there are any leftovers, eat it within 12 hours if possible to still savor the flavor.


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