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Laminate flooring typically lasts between 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the product and how well it is maintained. Factors that can affect its lifespan include the level of foot traffic, exposure to sunlight and moisture, as well as the care taken during installation. Regular cleaning, use of furniture pads, and prompt attention to spills or other damage can help extend the longevity of laminate flooring. In some cases, with proper care and under optimal conditions, high-quality laminate can last up to 30 years.


Laminate flooring quality

The reason that laminate flooring can last up to 20 years before it needs to be replaced is because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and its ability to be repaired if the flooring becomes damaged.

Laminate flooring is very durable due to the fact that it is constructed out of a combination of paper and plastic material. The paper acts as a wear surface that creates a smooth surface while the plastic underneath keeps the laminate flooring from expanding or contracting depending on humidity levels in the room.

What are AC ratings when it comes to choosing laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring offers a lot of benefits, one of which is the AC rating. What does this rating mean, and what are the implications for potential buyers?

Basically, an AC rating identifies the amount of moisture that can be present on a laminate floor before there are any damages to the surface and how long it takes for these damages to occur. In general, a higher AC rating means that while it may take longer before this level of damage occurs, once it does happen there will be less damage to repair compared to lower-rated laminate floors.

Recommended cleaning and care for your laminate floors

Regularly sweep or vacuum your floors to remove anything that may be embedded in the surface. Rolling hairpins across your laminate floors will help pick up any debris that has not been removed by sweeping or vacuuming.

You should also try to avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, and waxes as this can damage the lamination and lead to premature wear of the flooring. If you have a spill or some other incident that leads to a small amount of dirty water getting on the floor, make sure to dry it off promptly with a towel. If you don’t do this within a few minutes, there is an increased likelihood of permanent stains being left behind on your laminate flooring due to moisture penetration into the laminates.

How to extend the life of your laminate floors?

You can extend the life of your laminate floors by taking care of them. If there are any spills on the floor, make sure to thoroughly wipe them up. If you have a spill and don’t take action, it can seep into the laminate flooring and become permanently embedded in it. That could cause the floor to change colour, or even crack.

Serious damage could occur because it can no longer be repaired. To prevent this from happening, apply a wood protector product to the floor to prevent it from absorbing moisture and becoming damaged.

Where should I use laminate flooring in my home?

You can use laminate flooring in any room of your house. It is a versatile type of flooring that can be used throughout the home, and it is perfect for those homes with pets or children. Laminate flooring can be cleaned easily and is resistant to scratches and scuffs. It offers the same level of comfort that a carpeted floor would, but it is much easier to maintain. You never have to worry about the traffic patterns on a laminate floor since it will not show signs of wear and tear as easily as other types of floors will.

Laminate flooring is perfect for remodeling projects. You can purchase laminate in different colors and styles that will match your current decorating scheme perfectly.

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