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A Minecraft day lasts for 20 real-time minutes, spanning from sunrise to sunset. This cycle includes 10 minutes of daytime, 1.5 minutes of sunset and sunrise each, and 7 minutes of nighttime. The cycle also includes an additional 50 seconds of dawn before sunrise and dusk after sunset, where monsters can still spawn but players can sleep. Consequently, the full day-night cycle, including the twilight periods, lasts for 24,000 ticks or 20 minutes in real-time.


A time-lapse of the daylight cycle.

In Minecraft, the time of day plays a vital part in determining several things, and it changes how you play. Here’s a quick time-lapse of the daylight cycle in Minecraft you need to be aware of:

  • The Minecraft day begins at 06:00:00.0, and the villagers wake up from their beds. At 08:00:00, villagers start their work and end at 15:00:00.
  • At 11:43:22.8, the clock starts displaying precisely the time of midday.
  • At 18:00:00.0, villagers use their beds and start sleeping. In rainy weather, villagers start using their beds at 18:00:36:0 and 18:32:32.2 in clear weather.
  • The first tick where the monster spawn cycle starts is at 18:58:08.4 in rainy weather and 19:11:16.8 in clear weather. The last stick when mob spawn in clear weather is at 04:48:43.2, and monsters spawn at 05:01:51.6 in rainy weather.

Note: In Minecraft, you can also alter or query the time and even change your Minecraft world’s age using the time commands. While there aren’t any specific commands, you can also access the different moon phases, including gibbous time.

Are the days and nights in Minecraft of equal length?

The short answer to this is no; they aren’t. In Minecraft, days are longer as compared to nights.

It’s also worth noting that the day and night in Minecraft regulates the mob spawn cycle. 

There will be no mobs at sunset, but, at sunrise, there will be. Mob spawning begins at 18:58:08.4, and it lasts for nine minutes and thirty seconds from night till dawn.

The mob burn time starts at 05:27:36.0 and lasts approximately 20 seconds for the monsters to burn.

How to survive your first day?

Before starting your Minecraft adventure, you’ll have some options to pick from.  First, you must decide whether you wish to play in Hardcore, Survival, or Creative mode and set the difficulty level.

Once done with the settings, you can finally start playing. Here are some tips on how you can survive your very first day in Minecraft:

Step 1: Collect woods


Gathering raw woods is the first step to take for surviving your first day. It’s simple, and you can get twenty wood blocks by punching a tree.

You can use these wood blocks to make wood planks. Then by using four wood planks, you can build a crafting table.

Furthermore, by using the crafting table, you can build more complicated items like doors and tools. 

Step 2: Building shelter


After collecting the wood, the next thing to do is create a shelter. You can do this by carving a hole in a dirt hill.

The reason why dirt is favorable is that it’s easy to break without any tools. Once the sun sets, you’ll have to ensure that your shelter doesn’t have an opening.

You can either use wood, stone, or dirt to block yourself in or build a door using the wood planks. For one door, you’ll need six wood planks placed side by side in 2 columns.

Step 3: Craft tools


Next, you’ll have to create tools for both defense and gathering supplies. Craft sticks using the planks and then use the planks and sticks to build a wooden pickaxe, shovel, and sword.

Also, look for a hill and collect twenty cobblestone blocks by using the pickaxe. You’ll then be able to craft stone tools and weapons, which are more durable.

Step 5: Craft furnace and bed


Use your stone ax to collect another 20 wood blocks.Next, kill three sheep, collect the wool, and craft a bed using both the wools and wood planks.

Also, build a furnace with eight cobblestones for smelting items and even cooking food.

Step 4: Find food


For food, you’ll be limited to just apples and meat in the first few days. You’ll have to kill some animals for raw meat, cook them in the furnace.

Step 5: Craft torches/lighting


Finally, you’ll need to craft torches for lighting up your shelter. In doing so, you’ll be able to prevent mobs from spawning near you.

As you advance through the game, you can even build cool lighting like running lights.

How long is 2000 days in Minecraft in real life?

72 Minecraft days is one day in real-time. That means two thousand Minecraft days will be approximately 28 days (672 hours) in real life(2000 divided by 72).

How long does a Minecraft day last?

In Minecraft, a day lasts for about ten minutes. The daytime is also known as a safe time because hostile mobs can’t spawn during this time.

The day/night cycle of Minecraft?



During the daytime, the sun provides ample light, preventing hostile monsters from spawning. The sun also offers adequate light for plants to grow.

The effects of sunlight vary for mobs as they can still spawn in shade or water. If the area has a light of level 7 or less, mobs can spawn.

Dawn (sunrise):


Dawn or sunrise in Minecraft lasts from 5:00- 6:00, with the moon descending to the western horizon. In contrast, the sun rises in the east.

Gradually, the level of internal light increases and eliminates any hostile threats.



In Minecraft, clocks are beneficial as they help you determine the time. As time progresses, the clock’s disk slowly rotates clockwise.

Nonetheless, the clocks will be useless in the Nether and the End as the other dimension has no daylight cycle.

Brightness level:


In Minecraft, you can also adjust the brightness level.

In the lowest setting, it’ll be almost impossible to see or move around. On the contrary, setting brightness to the maximum will let you see everything at night.

Note that the actual level of light won’t be affected by changing the brightness. That means the nighttime level of light will always be 4, in both low and maximum brightness.

Number of Minecraft days in 24 Hours

In Minecraft, one hour(real-time) is equal to 3 days. That means 24 hours will be 72 Minecraft days (24 times 3).

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